JBA | Our Investing Approach

JBA Global Master SP

The fund JBA Global Master SP is a Long-short equity Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) Fund. The Fund is managed by a research team consisting of global macro and sub-sector specialist.


The Fund’s mission is to provide investors with sustainable capital appreciation over a long period by long sub-sectors & companies with attractive growth potential or turnaround, and to short those losing competitive edges i.e. market share, pricing, & profitability.

JBA in Numbers

*Track record is from source period 2016/01/01 to 2021/09/30

Our Investment Approach

We understand the global opportunities of the TMT technology sub-sectors in supply chains, product cycles, market share shifts, & pricing trends, and invest in promising sub-sector targets:

JBA Foresight

We take pride in our team of TMT industry veterans; we recognize latest industry trends 6 – 12 months ahead and position our capital before the broader market even takes notice.

Human Capital

Our zero turn-over rate since the launch of the Fund is a result of our sustainable training system, and our growth track record. We align incentives with overall fund performance and well-managed operations & risk, and retains the best talents in a self-driven, results-oriented culture.

Rigorous Research Process

Collaborative and critical thinking, rigorous debates and constant feedback amongst the investment committee enable us to bring forward the best investment ideas.

Integrity & Transparency

We value integrity, and open communications amongst team members, investors and business partners. Integrity & transparency are the foundation of our long-term success.

Fund Performance

Fund Performance Analysis

Top Down

What are the next trends in tech?
With our 30+ years of combined experience in the TMT sector, we have deep knowledge in the tech industry where we can identify the latest trends and key themes in tech from next generations products and upcoming industry leaders.

Bottom Up

How do we find targets among it all?
Our proprietary research models have stood the test of time and help connect the dots through channel checks, conversations with industry experts, and specialized research materials. From this we are able identify market catalysts and discrepancies with consensus.

Portfolio level

Diversification Discipline

Diversification is at the core of our risk management philosophy. We strive for the right balance between:

Investment Strategy

Long-short Equity Arbitrage
The fund capitalizes on both long/short opportunities in supply chains, product cycles, market share changes and pricing trends primarily in the TMT sector.

1. “Think Business” Investment Approach
Strong product knowledge and business acumen to identify trends before others do.

2. Flexible Mandate
Ability to leveraging in the secondary market to optimize results within investors’ expectations.

3. Global Technology
Geographic advantage in Asia provides insight to identify global tech lucrative opportunities.

4. Horizon
Investment horizon is usually 12-36 months to catch golden rally.

5. Multi-Faceted Risk Management
Rigorous risk discipline allows us to mitigate market volatility on a portfolio level.

Highly Liquid Investment Universe

Opportunity Cycle

Country Sector & Exposure 2019-2021

Risk Management

Cut loss
Down 5% → Review the position
Down 15% → Sell 50% of the position
Down 20% → Sell 100% of the position.

*Decisions are discretionary to Investment Committee.


Exposure disciplines may be breached at times due to market movements. Investment Committee often times will adjust the concentration/ take profit to fall back the limits as soon as practical.


Every position capital is well planned, and consider the impact of downturn of the market, how it would affect at portfolio level.


We aim each trade not to exceed more than 20% of the 20-day average trading volume. We make sure portfolio liquidity is aligned with redemption policy. 80% invested to mid-to-large cap names. 95% of portfolio can be liquidated within 5 trading days.

Performance Watch

Continually assess portfolio-level performance and position-level attribution, determine if anything happened at the market or company-level to change our view, we then adjust relative weightings.


Hedge on economic cycle with index shorts and sub-sector with equity shorts

Organizational Structure

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has a combined 30+ years of roots in the tech industry, and is led by the founder/CIO with 18+ years in fund management.